Psychic Medium Ship


As a Hypnotist helping people explore past lives is a speciality of mine and “Yes”, the ability to see into a person’s past lives does address another of my abilities; abilities I have had since my childhood around the tender age of four.  However my most significant memory of my abilities manifesting themselves was in November of 1963 at age eleven when I told my sister that the then US president John Kennedy should not go to Dallas for he would not return alive. My abilities grew stronger and more prevalent as I matured.   I am a Medium. I sense, see (not always clearly due to my visual impairments), hear at times or feel the spirits, angels or earth bounds (ghosts) around me and like all Mediums I am psychic (all Mediums are psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums). I also am a channeller as well.  This means that by permission of the Godhead my soul and consciousness leave my body (briefly – I have been out of body for up to 14 hours at one time and in general do spend from 30 minutes to one to two hours out of body at a time.) and let my primary Spirit Guide Sheila, the God head or other permitted spirit entities  use my body ( Sheila my Primary Guide uses my full body – she walks, talks, writes, and types utilizing my voice and limbs) to bring forth the information that she has been assigned to give the earth plane by the Council of Elders of the “Other Side” and the Godhead.  Furthermore when I channell Sheila my soul and consciousness usually then go to the “Other Side” to the alcove or to the corridor between the earth dimension and the “Other Side”.  However, I will be going to the “Hall of Records” on the “Other Side” when I channell Sheila to complete research which I then will bring back with me when I return to my body.  It is this researched information that I too will be sharing with the earth plane by permission of the Council of Elders of the “Other Side” and the Godhead.  Sheila and I have also been given permission from the God head to provide individual channelled sessions to people of this earth plane who request these private sessions to gain knowledge of universal truths, their charts and to communicate and receive and give messages to their loved one currently residing on the “Other Side”.

When I reside on the “Other Side”  as my Higher Self still does I am a Architect and a researcher and my eternal name is Susan.  I do research into energy, vibration and the effects of vibration upon corporeal particles in other words I am a nuclear and Atomic physicist.  As to Sheila here is a brief bio of her:



Sheila’s last life on the earth plane was in 1258 AD in Spain.  she was female, stood at 4 feet and 2 inches tall, was married and had two sons that lived.  Her name was Francesca and her husband’s name was Carlos. Altogether they had six children as mentioned two sons lived and four of the children did not.  They were land owners and  were financially secure.  Her husband passed before her and she passed at the age of 56.   It was a creative life for her.  She rode the Lipizzaner Stallions (commonly known has the dancing horses), did drawings and sculpted.   It was was an interesting life.  This life for her, because a lot of ner artistic expression on the “Other Side” comes from her music, sports and other recreational activities played into her artistic expression.   It allowed that creative side of her to come out more to have more fun.   You see on the “Other Side”, one of the main activities that she does is research.  Sheila is also a research scientist more explicitly, she is a Nuclear and Atomic Physicist doing research into energy transformations and how energy is used within the different realms of the universe; more specifically, she does research into energy and vibration and she is  a Mathematician as well.  For more complete details on Sheila, please visit her website: