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Comment from a client: WOW! My experience with Liane was incredible to say the least. Not only did I feel comfortable and relaxed, but I was eager to receive information about a past life and learn lessons that I need in this present life– and that most definitely happened!
When Liane led me into the hypnosis I was fully aware of everything happening around me, and didn’t feel a loss of control at any particular point. Liane has a soothing and calming voice and I felt very safe with her.
When I entered this particular past life that I was supposed to “visit”, I was in the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. I could actually see the architecture of this magnificent structure, the people, and I could even see the dirt beneath my sandals. I felt strong emotions and even knew my name: Prometheus – a name I have never heard or used before in this life. I spoke of my mode of transportation (a chariot) my experiences, lessons and hardships, and took away much needed resolve, and release to the tensions I held onto for lives and lives. (That I didn’t know I had kept!)
It was exhilarating, educational, and phenomenal. I would recommend this to anyone even remotely curious about their past lives, and especially to those interested in experiencing something that can only be described as earth-shattering!
I walked away with clear insight, and felt like I had slept for 100 years, refreshed and renewed.

Stephanie van de Ven

A journey appreciated: on this page of my website I have chosen to let my clients speak and express their views and appreciation for my services rendered. So if your are a client or were and want to express your views  in regard to services be they through hypnosis sessions, psychic readings or channelled sessions please feel free to leave a post below and Thank you.  Marie Liane Rioux and of course Sheila


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