success1Do you own a business?  Are you struggling to get your business off the ground?  Are you doing everything right?

Are you bright, resourceful and successful in other endeavours of your life? Yet you find that when it comes to the success of your business’ quests you just cannot seem to succeed with them no matter how hard you try and the methods and resources that you employ.  You just do not move forward towards success.  You are outgoing, you network, you interact well with others, you educate yourself with the knowledge of a variety of business models; you attend and do very well at a number and variety of business workshops designed to assist the small business entrepreneur to start, grow and maintain a successful business model.  Yet at every turn you find yourself asking why, why am I not succeeding, I just don’t understand.  Yet you like many others before you, will continue to try, try and to try again to succeed at your business.  You like the many that have preceded you will continue striving until you can’t financial take one more step further.  It is therefore unfortunate, that many before you never gained the insight to fully understand why success eluded them.  So keep reading and let yourself become aware of one possible reason why you may have not yet succeeded with your business.

 This is where past lives and hypnosis come into play.  For just as a fear of water in this life often is related to incidents from past lives (fear of water – possibly a drowning death); the difficulty in succeeding in business in this life can also at times but not always be linked to a business issue in a past life.  An issue which is being carried forward to this life and thus blocking the success of business in this life.  Moreover, leaving some wondering as to why I am not succeeding with my business after all I to the best of my knowledge I am doing everything right.  Just as the individuals with fear of water are able to release the fear and then move on in this life without the fear of water continuing to follow them in this life.  They were able to accomplish this goal by acknowledging the incidents that occurred in a past life or lives that caused them to carry a fear of water into this life; you too can achieve the same goal.  All you need do is to go back into your past lives find the issues in that past life or lives which centered on your business and resolve them.  You will find then that by finding and resolving those past issues which initially had resulted in your carrying into this life a blockage preventing business success in this current life that once these past life experiences have been successfully learned that you will be able to release this past from blocking your present and future and finally become successful in this life’s business endeavours.