What is Hypnosis? two

Hypnosis is a valuable tool to augment habit control and change and will help you gain self confidence, enhance motivation, lower stress levels and help you relax.  It is useful in goal setting, sport enhancement, pain management, fears and phobias; past life exploration through regression, smoking cessation and weight loss.  It can even give you pain free child birthing— and that just scratches the surface.  

Hypnosis is NOT sleeping, unconsciousness, weak mindedness, surrender of will, gullibility or a revelation of secrets. 

A hypnotic experience is akin to a journey by a car where you and the hypnotist take the journey together.  You are the car’s engine and the hypnotist is the car’s steering wheel. 

In hypnosis, senses are heightened!  Your hearing is sharper, smell is more sensitive and touch and taste are more discriminating.

How Does Hypnosis Work? 

Hypnosis requires the ability to keep the critical thinking mind fully occupied and focused allowing the more powerful subconscious mind to come forward to speak and interact with the hypnotist.  Hypnosis succeds thanks to a team approach.  You and the hypnotist work with your strong desire to achieve your goals and change  unwanted behaviours or habits.  Hypnosis, when used by a skilful hypnotist and an eager client, explores the conditions required for success and enhances communication between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind.  If the conscious mind fully understands the subconscious mind’s interpretation of our issues, the effect can mean positive change and the solving of our unwanted issues. 

Your First Visit  

During your first visit with your hypnotist you will learn about hypnotism and become comfortable with it.   If you both feel that it will be worthwhile to proceed, your hypnotist may give you some small tests to determine your type of suggestibility, your ability to relax, and your skills at visualization.  These are all procedures which help your hypnotist design programming personalized for you which will lead to the achievement of your goals. 

So focus your attention, relax and let go.