Liane Rioux, as a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, is part of a network of leading professionals using developed methods that have helped thousands of people lose weight, stop smoking reduce stress, explore past lives and change other unconstructive lifestyle behaviours with hypnosis. Liane’s area of expertise is in the areas of past life exploration and business success. Liane is also a psychic medium and channeller who uses these gifts to bring forth information and to assist individuals in exploring their charted path and thus live their lives to their fullest measure.

My TranceFormations uses hypnosis to affect positive change and problem solving of unwanted issues.  Hypnosis is a proven and scientifically sound application that has been used for centuries and is possibly as old as mankind itself as is psychic and mediumship abilities. 

You are welcome to explore My TranceFormations to find out more about hypnosis and Liane’s mediumship abilities. What they can do for you.